Women of a certain age say “No” to Prozac and prescription sleep medications and “Yes” to Cannabis

Many women of a certain age have hit a stress or hormone-driven phase of their lives where sleep is uncertain or they wake with their brains spinning like gerbils on a wheel.

(Source: blazepress.com)

Many self-medicate with wine or other alcoholic beverages, while others reach out to their physicians and are told that “many women of a certain age find Prozac or (fill in the blank) helpful” or “let me see if we can try this sleep medication.” This is usually followed by a warning that the medications can be addictive or require gradual tapering on and off to avoid serious side effects. Some women try these medications, some throw the prescriptions out in frustration on the way out the door.

Some talk to their friends and discover that in states where cannabis is legal, their friends have discovered that low THC (less than 2 mg) cannabis gummies, capsules or edibles are helping them sleep and/or easing them through feelings of anxiety when the need arises. They don’t wake up with sleep medication “drowsiness hangovers” and unlike with many anxiety medications, the less they use the more it can help. They don’t need to worry about tapering on and off to avoid side effects and they can chew a gummy at 7 PM or 2 AM and be equally fine. Some return to their doctors and confess their new consumption of cannabis and hear “Oh that’s working for you, seems to be the new trend, good for you”. One woman, age 85, who heard those words laughed her way out of the office in relief!

So these women tell their friends. They tell their friends. Others, wary of walking into a dispensary alone, joined (pre-COVID) groups with field trips for women only. Unlike the image so many associate with cannabis, these women don’t smoke and they don’t want to get high. They just want to sleep.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

So the next time you see a group of women out running or walking or skiing or playing tennis or ice hockey or soccer and you think “Wow they sure have lot of energy, wish I could be like that!”, you can now wonder if they just got a better night’s sleep. Maybe they were ready to jump out of bed to start the day rather than dragging themselves to consciousness having finally fallen asleep in the wee hours of the night. All thanks to a little gummy bear from a friend.

Image by Author : Running in the Mountains (pre-COVID)

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