Wearing a mask is being polite, not a political statement.

Image by Alison Doucette

You were standing on the sidewalk in January and someone balancing on a cane and carrying a heavy bag tripped and fell. Did you stop to help them?

Of course, you did. It would be a common courtesy to do so. No one questioned your politics, no one thought less of you for being kind.

Today you are on the same corner. The person with the cane is vulnerable to getting sick. You have no idea if you are sick or not. Do you wear a mask as a courtesy to prevent them from catching the virus?

Small town America and the “red states”, are parts of the country known for courtesy and hospitality unlike big cities where anonymity can lead to callousness.

One wonders if the hesitancy in requiring something so much an act of kindness as mask wearing was felt as not needed in communities where everyone knows their neighbor and picks up their mail or feeds their cat when they are away from home.

I was chatting with a friend this week and he said, “who knows if masks help or not, I wear one because it makes people feel safer.” I did not argue science, I just nodded as he is a military man who sees his role to make people feel safer. We all need men like that. They are our heroes.

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