The New Debate Format- To Tell the Truth

The Candidate and the Fact Checker

True False Check Boxes
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As the United States winds into the final stretches of the election season, the fact checkers are working overtime. The speed of misinformation is traveling faster than corrections can be made and the resulting information overload has led many people who would or could vote checking out of the process completely with headaches or disinterest.

Given this challenge maybe we need a new debate format which addresses the fact that some politicians have moved past traditional exaggerations to falsehoods.

In this new format, the first candidate would answer the question or state their case depending on the debate format. The second candidate could then use their time to then also present or answer the question or cede their time to a Fact Checker. Chances are that simple inflation of facts which are the norm in political communications would go unchallenged, but blatant falsehoods would be questioned.

The result would be a much less exhausting experience for the voters who would be able to hear the information they are looking for to make a decision (if their minds are not already made up) and might lead to fewer accusations of bias on either side.

How would this look?

Question from the moderator: How would you address the current unrest in our cities?

President Trump: I would send in the troops to fight the protestors as the current violence is only in cities with democratic mayors who like Joe Biden and all the democrats at the Democratic convention remove the word God from the pledge of allegiance.

The Moderator: Vice President Biden how would you like to respond?

Vice President Biden: I would like to cede my time to the Fact-Checkers.

The Moderator: Fact Checkers your results please?

The Moderator: The Fact-Checkers report that cities with republican mayors have also experienced violence in their cities and the Pledge of Allegiance included the word “God” in all days of the DNC. Play the video, please.

The Moderator: New question for you President Trump


The Moderator: Your turn, Vice President Biden, how would you address the immigration issues at our borders?

Vice President Biden: I would stop ripping children from their mothers’ arms and feeding them to armadillos.

The Moderator: President Trump how would you like to respond?

With the recognition that hyperbole is one thing and falsehoods are another, no one would need to worry about “Fake News” as all news would from the debate would also be verified by Fact-Checkers. No more headaches and who knows more citizens might tune in for the debates.

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