Image from CDC Open Source

Standardized data from COVID ACT NOW APIs allows for state by state comparison of daily positivity rates

Image by Alison Doucette

Image by Alison Doucette

Photo by Barna Bartis on Unsplash

Hand holding mask
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  • The woman who when she sees someone who is not wearing a mask walking 20 yards away in an open field in the countryside feels the need to walk…


Why Implementing AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare Settings is so challenging

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  • While I have been trained as a scientist, I am not a medical doctor. This means I took this course on Coursera for non-AMA points as a certificate.
  • Based on the number of typos and recording blips, etc. …

Teacup and gummies on table.
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Alison Doucette

Love building product with AI smarts and great UX, playing soccer and learning data science

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